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At the present time is devoted to current issues of manufacturing technology and engineering technology. Provides information on going research and development on the faculties of Czech and foreign universities.

The Journal is indexed in the Scopus database by Elsevier.

Journal is published 6x times a year in 300 pcs printing per one journal.

Recipients of this professional journal is the technical faculties of Czech universities, partners as well as contributors to the magazine. Other recipients are industrial companies engaged in manufacturing technologies, materials processing, materials testing and other engineering sectors. Equally significant group of recipients are also selected secondary schools that their focus and scope of education are basically information contained in the magazine.

Main Topics of Journal:

  1. Machining and Assembly
  2. Design of Tools
  3. Material Engineering
  4. Material Testing
  5. Fractography and Metallography
  6. Forming, Casting
  7. Quality of Production